Okotoks Safeway

Written by Pamela McLean

Pamela has been the Executive Director of the Okotoks Food Bank since 2019. It is a job that continues to provide daily challenges and constant fulfillment.

March 18, 2022

There is the joy of giving and then there is the joy of receiving. The Okotoks Foodbank is extremely grateful to have been on the receiving end of Sobeys Inc. 2021 Christmas Holiday Fundraiser. Our Okotoks Safeway raised the astounding sum of $22,940.59, with one cashier, Corinne, collecting just shy of $5000 herself! The team at @sobeysokotoks raised $10,429.97 from the grocery store and $611.65 from the liquor shop. It is support like this from our local community that will ensure we get through this challenging year. Thank you all so very much. #joyofgiving2021