Okotoks Little Free Pantries

Written by Pamela McLean

Pamela has been the Executive Director of the Okotoks Food Bank since 2019. It is a job that continues to provide daily challenges and constant fulfillment.

June 01, 2022

Announcement: The two Little Free Pantry libraries situated in the neighbourhoods of Woodhaven and Crystal Ridge have been repurposed and will no longer be used to distribute food. We have been finding unsafe items being put in these containers, such as opened bottles of expired vitamins, dented cans and soured almond milk. The Okotoks Foodbank does not have the resources to monitor these free pantries on a daily basis, which would be required given the unsavoury items being put into them.

We very much appreciate the effort and initiative to establish these food pantries, but we don’t believe that the experiment has been a success. Rather than let these units be abandoned, both have been donated to the Okotoks Public Library where they can be filled with library resources to feed the mind and the soul. Food donations are encouraged to be brought directly to the Foodbank or left in the donation bins in all of the local grocery stores. We are considering offering pop up food delivery services with the use of our delivery truck if the need is warranted in these neighbourhoods and others.

Please contact the Executive Director of the Foodbank with any questions at director@okotoksfoodbank.ca.